Welcome to Sunday Blog Share. All month long and through December, we’re focusing on books that have a holiday of spirit as part of the Holiday of Books promotion.
Today, we’re going to be talking about diversity in relationships. Once upon a time, all around the world, couples often squashed their feelings for a person they were interested in if they weren’t the same race, religion, or social status. It was unheard of for them to follow those feelings. They faced at the least whispers about how wrong they were, or the worst condemnation from those they cared about.
The twenty-first century has seen more movement forward in people being able to be with the one they really love without a social stigma, but those relationships now owe a lot to the past. There were others who went before these new couples, fighting the hard fight, and enduring the stigma of being different. One might think that makes today’s relationships much easier to happen. One would be wrong. In every class of people…

A Winter Holiday 2017