Sat The New Was

Welcome to Monday Blogs, where we talk about recent trends in writing or problems that appear to be cropping up. Today’s topic is a growing trend I’ve noticed over the last year, a most frustrating trend. It has to do with “to be” verbs and their use, or in this case, non-use.

We all learned as soon as we started our first story that to be verbs were passive. We had to avoid passive tenses; they would make our book boring. Passive verbs, according to every discussion on them, are telling the reader the story, not showing.
Many new authors have taken this literally to heart and are substituting other words to stop using to be verbs. Instead of using was or were, they are inserting sat, stood, looked and the reader is confused. They don’t understand what the author is trying to convey.
Yes, to be verbs can be passive, if used incorrectly. A sentence can be telling if the author doesn’t take the time to construct it carefully. However, you can use to be verbs and still have an active sente…

Moms Make Sense

Welcome to Sunday Blog Share. Today, we’re delving into the paranormal, as we will all month. Our story this fine October day is all listening to our mom. Even if she’s a ghost long gone from your life. The advice we get from our mothers will always assist us in the decisions we must make.

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Lorelei lost her mom to cancer only a year before. She goes to the grave and talks to Mom a lot, often asking for but not always following her advice. Until Lorelei discovers her boyfriend isn’t as good as she thought…

Lorelei loses what’s left of her family close to graduation, but she still has Mama to lean on, or rather she has Mama’s ghost. At first, Lorelei ignores the opinion about her boyfriend, Chase, but then she figures out he is acting strangely and has a new tattoo covering a scar he never had before.
Chase, however, isn’t one to give up on a girl. He dumps them not the other way around, until Mama’s ghost gives Lorelei the strength shut him out of her life.


Temptation Looms


Overcoming A Demon

Welcome to Tuesday Blog Share. Today, we’re delving into the paranormal, as we will all month. Our story this fine October day is all about a demon searching for love, or is it domination, and the human teen who won’t allow him to ruin her life.

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Teen romance is rife with all sorts of problems. To most adults they don’t sound very bad but to teenagers they are the end of the world, especially when it comes to romance. Drop a determined demon into the mix, Eros’ cousin even, and you soon have a recipe for disaster. But disaster for whom?
Jack has plans for his girl on Valentine’s Day. Lea hides a horrible secret from everyone in her new hometown. Not to be outsmarted, Valentino comes between the teens. Can Jack and Lea stop the demon before midnight of Valentine’s Day?

He presses harder on the accelerator, his foot twitching inside his sneaker. His is an easy life, one he’s taken for granted for years, but now … now … things are so different. Jack Byers…