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A new story, a very different character

So, I'm writing along, creating a new story that has just taken over my brain. It's so fun being a children's writer that I just fall into this one but then something strange happened. It's like I'm more than channeling this twelve-year-old. She is me. She's more than me. It's .....

Thump. Thud. Screaming. ##$%*@!

Hey all, Hailey Hatmaker here. You just have to kick out those silly mundane writers sometimes and take over. See, I have this horrible problem and I want to know who's out there in Ghostie Central. Anyone? Come on, you can show your face, even if you're a ghost. I really need an opinion about this fish daemon problem creeping up in Larkin's Pond.

Okay, some of you are confused. Let me fill you in. Ghosties are folks who help ghosts all around the world. It doesn't matter when we start doing this, all that matters is what we do with our powers. Now, you say, that's impossible. Not! Take my story for example.

My first manifestation …