A new story, a very different character

So, I'm writing along, creating a new story that has just taken over my brain. It's so fun being a children's writer that I just fall into this one but then something strange happened. It's like I'm more than channeling this twelve-year-old. She is me. She's more than me. It's .....

Thump. Thud. Screaming. ##$%*@!

Hey all, Hailey Hatmaker here. You just have to kick out those silly mundane writers sometimes and take over. See, I have this horrible problem and I want to know who's out there in Ghostie Central. Anyone? Come on, you can show your face, even if you're a ghost. I really need an opinion about this fish daemon problem creeping up in Larkin's Pond.

Okay, some of you are confused. Let me fill you in. Ghosties are folks who help ghosts all around the world. It doesn't matter when we start doing this, all that matters is what we do with our powers. Now, you say, that's impossible. Not! Take my story for example.

My first manifestation started the day before Thanksgiving when I was three. Three, I tell you. Here I am, sitting in the kitchen while Mama runs around stirring pots on the stove, wiping counters, and screaming that she'll never be ready. What's the whole postal thing about? Well, Mama decided it was time for my family to host the annual Thanksgiving buffet. Only about a hundred of our relatives would descend on our small house in Landry, Georgia starting at noon on turkey day and they'd hang around until oh about midnight. Because Mama isn't ready to make dinner and do all this huge prep for T-day, she ordered a pepperoni and mushroom pizza for her and Daddy. Me, I'm stuck with a yucky grape jelly and peanut butter sandwich. Real nice of her, wasn't it. I, of course, take care of the problem by knocking the sandwich to the floor and sneaking bits of pepperoni, mushroom, and cheese. I just finish the first slice and start on the second when the door opens.

Into all this mess, Dad arrives from his job as the assistant manager at Landry First National Bank. After properly baptiziing his pristine white shirt with chubby hands that resemble mini pepperoni, cheese, and mushroom pizza, I play happily with some old wooden blocks while Mama and Daddy deal with the mess on the stove after the applesauce boiled over. Real stinky but they'll fix it. Anyway! While I'm playing, this white misty thing bubbles through the slate tile and settles beside me. It forms into an old lady I only know from pictures. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Ain't history boring but here's the short version so I can get to the good stuff. The old lady is Me-Maw Golden, Mama's great grandmother. Me-Maw tells me to tell Mama that she's going good and it'll be all right. Okay. Not hard. Ghosts are kind of fun. I draw about a ton of air into my lungs and holler, "Mama, Me-Maw says it be okay. Me-Maw says you do good."

You figure my parents would pay attention to me but NO they don't. See, right at that moment, snooty Mrs. Lydie Fishbone walks in without knocking with her thee-year-old Suzie. The whole thing blows up and I hear about what Mama calls the curse.

Nine years later, after helping many ghosts finish what they didn't when the kicked the bucket, I have the worst problem of my life. Ghostie Central has no information available so I have to deal with ghosts that aren't talking. Can you imagine that. Ghosts that don't tell a Ghostie what they need. Oh well, we - the Landry Ghosties and myself - figure out it's the boiler at the Landry Middle School Sixth Grade Academy. Only we do this like sixty seconds before the whole thing blows up.

Suzie Fishbone, still a snooty brat, is the only kid in school not there. The ghosts are now talking. Imagine that. When I have to leave the school because there are flames leaping from all the heating vents, the ghosts decide to tell me what they need me to do. Ah well, what can you expect from a ghost. It seems that Suzie is stuck in the gym, and the boiler room is right next to that! So, here I go to the rescue. We get out but there's still a problem in Landry. Fire daemons created the situation in the first place and several escaped - that I saw. So, the Landry Ghosties have all their regular customers to deal with and we also have to find and destroy all those fire daemons.

We manage in our usual style. That means we alienate everyone around us while keeping Landry from disappearing in a puff of smoke. Except, our solution created another problem. After dumping a fire daemon into Larkin's Pond, it didn't scream and die. NO! That darned thing met up with a fish daemon and now we have a fire fish daemon. I tell you, if it's not one thing, it's another. Now we have to deal with this problem and everyone knows the solution to fire daemons is completely the oppsite of fish daemons. Any ideas? HH.

BTW: I'm giving control back to the meek, mild mannered children's writer that created this neat place to vent.

I am so not meek and mild mannered. I am a writer. I control my characters - most of the time. Hailey, you'll just have to stop this. I have a lot more characters that need my help.



Donna Alice said…
Welcome to the world of blogs! Like you didn't have ENOUGH to do, right??? LOL!
kathispray said…
Ah, but Hailey Hatmaker's my new WIP on a group of Ghosties. Blogs are an integral part of the story, so she conned me into doing this.
April Erwin said…
Love it, Kathi! Blogging is such a blast. Way to go with Hailey, she's a corker. :)
kathispray said…
And Hailey will only get better. She's already plotting her second adventure.