The next adventure has begun

Hey all, Hailey Hatmaker here. I booted my creator early so I could get to work. The fire-water daemon's (or is that the water-fire daemons - we haven't figured out what to call them yet) are hard at work. Spring has come to Landry, too.

Here I am at Larkin's Pond in the early morning. It's foggy - or froggy as I used to call it back in the early days of my Ghostie career. I have on the most wonderful hat. It's called a cloche. Now, for those of you not in the know, it fits real tight around my head and has a ribbon with some fake grapes on it. Sits kind of low on my forehead but I don't care. To make myself look totally cool, I wear this long kind of skirt and a white blouse that hangs over my hands. Not the best outfit for dealing with fire-water daemons (or water-fire daemons) but I'm not at that stage yet.

Ghostie Central, my so out of it research center, still can't explain how the fire daemons mixed with the water and became something else, so here I sit on the bank (all that gritty dirt - YUCK!) and stare at the still water. A splash gets my attention and I'm staring into the face of the most evil drop of water in the world. It stands about a hundred feet tall. Well, maybe not that high but you get the idea. The silly thing has actually developed eyes and a mouth but no nose. Disgusting but fire-water daemons (that's their name, I can't stand this anymore) aren't really all that smart.

"We will beat you."

The fire-water daemon moans more than speaks. It's a relief they actually communicate. After the Ghosts Galore adventure, I'm not ready for another bunch of ghosts that can't say a word.


I pretend boredom by holding a hand in front of my mouth while releasing a yawn. Inside, I bounce with excitement. Will I learn why the fire daemons became so strong? Is this the end of the Landry Ghosties? Tune in next week for my next installment