Sorry I didn't post sooner

Well, it all has to do with this writer controlling me. She won't let me post anymore but I beat her to it. About our stupid daemons making our lives miserable, they're still at it. Worse, they've moved out of Larkin's Pond. Looks like I'll have to take some time off. Heading over to Ghostie Central for what to do about this action. Don't know what good it will do but I have to try. I tell you, this doing things first gets old.



Donna Alice said…
There you are! Couldn't figure out where your blog had gotten too. I'm glad to find it again. ARe you still working on this story? It sounds like a fun read.
kathispray said…
Yes! I'm back and updating. Hailey is a project very much under control. Or so I think for the moment. So, this link thing. Send me yours and I think I'll really get into this thing.