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My weird problem

I had this latest book all plotted in my head but not that I'm in the second section, the main character is giving me fits. He's a real active person. Loves making trouble. Defies authority. Only wants what's good for him but deep down, he also wants to do what's right. Earl Lee is conflicted by what life's dealt him. How do I solve this? How can I make him work? I think I'll let him take control of the situation and run with it. Maybe I'm controlling him too much. Comments?
Well, hello all. That nice writer woman jist asked me to introduce you to the folks involved in our little trouble up here in Grungy Gulley. See, it kinda started out after we struck it rich in a couple of mines. Now, they weren't much to speak of afore that spring of 1861 but they sure kept our kith and kin taken care of. Then he came around and a few of us made a turrible mistake.
But that's the past and here's the now, when a bunch of kids are stuck with fixin' what we started. Who am I you ask. Well, that's not important yet. Let's jist say I made a horrible mistake a long time ago and this is my payment. Yup, it's partly my fault those kids gotta deal with that creep. Somethin' me and those other men that ran a little town deep in the Colorado Rockies. Instead we acted like a bunch of cowards. A course if we hadn't, there wouldn't be this story. So, afore you know the story, you have to meet all the characters involved in it. The first was t…
So, I've managed to talk Hailey into hiding for the time being. She's waiting for me to create my website and have her own page on it. Maybe that'll keep her happy. Oh, and she's busily working on her latest problem with those pesky fire daemons.

Have you ever noticed how those characters take over your life? I mean, I have several projects running around in my head and suddenly, in the middle of the night while I'm happily snoozing, I hear someone scream 'FIRE'. Well, being the mother I am, I spring from bed but all's peaceful on this front. Darn it all, it was a character bursting forth to tell me where my story needed oomph. And, being the dutiful writer I am, I crawled upstairs, literally, and made a ton of notes. Can't read them worth a darn today since I was worn out tired and didn't put on my glasses but will head into deciphering mode later.

This new character is actually an old character. He's demanding I rewrite his story, to make it…