Well, hello all. That nice writer woman jist asked me to introduce you to the folks involved in our little trouble up here in Grungy Gulley. See, it kinda started out after we struck it rich in a couple of mines. Now, they weren't much to speak of afore that spring of 1861 but they sure kept our kith and kin taken care of. Then he came around and a few of us made a turrible mistake.
But that's the past and here's the now, when a bunch of kids are stuck with fixin' what we started. Who am I you ask. Well, that's not important yet. Let's jist say I made a horrible mistake a long time ago and this is my payment. Yup, it's partly my fault those kids gotta deal with that creep. Somethin' me and those other men that ran a little town deep in the Colorado Rockies. Instead we acted like a bunch of cowards. A course if we hadn't, there wouldn't be this story. So, afore you know the story, you have to meet all the characters involved in it. The first was the man responsible for all our woes.
Random A. Ransom, was he a demon or a vengeful ghost? One thing for sure, he's not the kind of person none of us wanted around our kids. It were hard enough to raise them kids up right, seein' as even our preacher committed some kind a crime afore he joined up with us. But we tried, the Good Lord knows we tried. But that Ransom fella, why he was just downright bad from the git-go. I do remember the spring it started. 1861 it were. We'd just heard rumors of war breakin' out between the States. Kind a wrong in my opinion but it seemed like a lot of wrong things happened durin' that time.
Now Ransom, that dirty dog, he came upon us right as soon as the snows melted enough to open the passes. See, up in the Rockies, snows kind of make it impossible to travel much. But I digress. You want to know about Ransom. It's jist that I kinda hate to think about that man and what he made us do.
Anyway, Ransom was a tall, skinny man. Some say a good gust of wind would blow him over – and believe me, the wind did blow in Grungy Gulley. Now, this man ain't never done a lick of legal work in his whole life. He done had greasy blonde hair that ain't seen a bit of barberin' in a coon's age and the iciest pale blue eyes I ever done see on a man. There weren't no emotion in them eyes, just an appraisal of a man's worth. And it sure did scare most folks when he just meandered along the single road leadin' into Grungy Gulley. Took him a house on the edge of town. Kinda ramshackle affair that belonged to Jake Barron's but he never done took it down and after Ransom squatted in it, no one had the heart to do anything more than point out the man should offer to pay rent. Ransom jist laughed at that. Should have warned us about his character but we'd all left our pasts behind and thought we should allow him the same. What a mistake.


Donna Alice said…
Hello Kathi! Finally figured out how to add links to my blog. Did three today - including yours. I love your setup. How did you get that cool picture of you on there? I have one of me as a kid I'd love to add. Also, how did you get the subscribe link? I want to do that too.

Oh, yeah, you gotta write this book.
kathispray said…
Story is in progress now. My narrator has had two chances. There's a intro of the three main, main characters - and we hear about the fourth - and I'm editing the heck out of Sue Anne's tale. You remember Grungy Gulley. Well, this time, all the action takes place there. And it's set in three different time periods. So, must finish cleaning up the first )1861) before moving onto 1933. That's for tomorrow. Ah, this one is at full boil. Glad you love it.

As for the pic, adding it comes in the set up area. Just follow the directions. The JacketFlap subscribe I just clicked on the link at their website and it was there. I think. My brain is sooooo fried right now but I have to get back to work on GG section 1 version 3. It's really calling me. Thank goodness Josh's homework is done and Jim's working late. I can do this without guilt.