Fall coming but it's still warm on the keyboard

Characters tend to consume me. Am I making them loveable enough or getting too far into their emotions. What is too much or too little emotion? How does it dovetail into the plot? And mostly, just what makes a good character? That is a lead character. I do well with the ancillary characters. They are fantastic as support for my main character but there's the rub. Sometimes I have to work hard to decide just what strengthens those protagonists spines. Think about it. How many times can you throw harsh reality at them before the reader's screaming, get a life. That jerk will hurt you. Or she just plain doesn't care so why are you trying?
Now that I'm seriously submitting my first adult romance novel, I wonder if I've actually found that blend of emotion. But that's the submission willies. No matter how good the book is, I always chew fingernails down to the quick. And have the hardest time moving to another project so I can just let those submissions run their course.
Can't wait for the fall colors to arrive, so I have something other than my characters to concentrate on. Maybe a session with my camera in Cloudland Canyon will make me come up with a solution.


Anonymous said…
Hi Kathi- Don't you think it is through the process of writing what happened that we discover who it happened to? I find that despite filling out character questionnaires it is only after I have written the first several drafts that I come to know the main character. Secondary characters are easy -- there is not as much of ourselves in them. It is through the main character we must reach inside and dredge.
kathispray said…
I've found character questionnaires to be rather stiff and unable to delve into all the facets of characters. Like people around us, characters are evolving. They tend to surprise us at the strangest moments. By compartmentalizing them, we make them stiff and not at all sympathetic. It's for that reason that I muse on their surprising turns while the manuscript is in the process of evolving.