The eve of NaNo is here. Am I ready? My outline and character arcs are finished. I can hear the story unfolding in my head. Yet, there's a part of me that wonders if I am ready for this annual event. As with the previous three years, I wonder if I can make the allotted 50,000 words before the end of November. This year, I've set myself a higher goal, like every other year. But never before have I decided to do two first drafts. Can I make it? Wait here for details.
Now for the character in my first effort. Kim lives with her family. Not so unusual. However, even though she's the middle child, she looks nothing like her four brothers, parents, uncles, or grandfather. She lives with violent and humiliating abuses. Kim believes something's wrong with her, since her family constantly refers to her as the wrong one.
A chance encounter with a teen during one of their interminable moves brings dreams of a better life but it's a someone else's life. A girl who has people around her that love her. Kim hears strangers calling her by another name. She sees things that seem familiar in the new town where she lives. Slowly, she learns she may be this child she's dreaming about as the pleasant interludes from her family's violence turn to nightmares.
A particularly violent punishment leaves her injured. She decides to walk away from her family, literally, and goes to a place someone told her would offer help. There she learns she is the missing child. Now she has to learn to live with love and caring people around her. Can she do it? Can I write her story. Only this next month will tell.