Another year, another certificate

Althought I won't get it until the 25th, Kim/Lyssa, Sue Anne, Tuck, and Earl Lee helped me achieve my fourth win in NaNo. Two new first drafts for a total of 112,931 words really blew me away. I achieved it only because of these strong characters driving their words into my mind. I learned so much about them during the course of 77 hours straight writing. One situation led to another and their demands I go here or there opened new vistas from the extensive outlines I'd written.

Kim/Lyssa released years of abuse to find a loving group of people, an extended family, who'd never given up on her. She never believed she had a chance of escaping her abusive life yet chance encounters and a stupid move on the part of the people she called her family gave it to her, along with a friend who missed her so much he never let her fall into depression.

Sue Anne was a true 19th century young woman. She only wanted to teach for a few years then find a husband. When evil invaded her town, she went against convention to fight back. That she found herself living in the 21st century because the conduit was destroyed only let her learn something new.

Earl Lee, a depression era teen, took on the responsibilities of a man but never let anyone make him give up his sense of decency and justice. He fought against the intruder's influence while watching out for a mixed group of followers.

Tuck has it all. His family has more money than they'll ever spend. His parents are loving and never make him feel like a jerk. His twin sister is ... well, she's his sister. They're all pains in the backside. Then mysterious things start happening at the newest project his dad's doing. Tuck really wants to be part of it and gathers a group of like minded teens to convince the adults that they're responsible enough to do it. They get their wish but the Bewitcher goes after them because they're his last chance for world domination.

These 17 year olds come together and, without a chance to do more than learn each other's names, defeat the entity. They are now living in a place that once threatened to destroy them and sure they did the right thing but not in anyone's face about it.

Where do I go next? Gee, that's a tough question. There are so many ideas floating in my head that I'm sure I'll figure out something but for now, I'll let these wonderful stories rest while I catch up on my work and reading.