Most folks would, after plotting out three novesl in one month just to achieve a NaNo goal, be content to rest on their laurels for about a year. Yet my brain isn't. Oh, I tried so hard to stop it but can't. A new story has burst into my head. Young adult of course. It's about a group of diverse teens brought together during NaNoWriMo by their writer parents. The teens, of course, decide it's up to them to fight words with words. They'll participate in NaNo Junior. But a power surge in the opening hours creates a situation none of them realize until near the end of the month. NaNo Camp features Kyle Longren as a wacky 17YO who only wants to finish his project and get his life back to normal. Little does he know, he'll come to hate the words The End.


Donna Alice said…
Another project!!!! Okay, once you find a publisher, they're going to kill a whole forest printing all your books!!

I LOVE the idea for this one set in NaNo--very unique.
kathispray said…
Okay, so I'm an idea person. It's percolating now while I edit NaNo #3. But soon, I promise you. As soon as I figure out the characters and outline.