NaNo Day 3

Day three starts for me soon. My first project, the story of Kim Stinson/Lyssa Winders, is going well. Should finish this morning. Will let my brain rest and catch up on other writing projects then hit the skids with the second project either tomorrow or Wednesday. If that goes as well as this one, I'll be finished by the end of the weekend.

Lyssa's story, and I have to call her Lyssa at this point, is probably one of the toughest I've written. Edgy YA in first person with third person flashbacks but it's the plot that has me going in circles. A child stolen from her family for revenge. Murder committed for the same reason. Her trip back to the people looking for her without losing hope. It mirrors what many families go through yet their stories only make news at the beginning and end. You don't see the middle. You don't hear about how the child had to fight back against the people who took her, kept her, and tried to brainwash her. A strong personality does get whipped into submission but beneath the humiliation and fear, there's a strong current of good lurking. It comes out when needed and she uses it to come back.

Can she resume a normal life as a teen in the town where some expect her to fail? Will she face her kidnappers and realize they're nothing more than shallow, spoiled individuals who never truly cared for her because she is far better than they are? All these questions plague me as I being the wind up for a story that consumed me for the better part of two days. Hopefully I answer them as I prepare to write the end on the first project