NaNo done early

Done early, not a huge thing. I've done that the last two years. This year, well, let's just say it turned into a major worry. I had my Kim/Lyssa and Sue Anne/Earl Lee/Tuck stories down hard and fast. Got them finished by the tenth. Sat back buffing my fingernails on my shirt. Then my hubby challenced me.
Everyone who knows me just knows a challenge is something I can't ignore. I did have one more story but I didn't have a really good outline for how I wanted to tell it. Dare I? Could I actually finish this one in time? The evening of the 24th closed and I was still two planned chapters from the end. Hey, I already had more words than I needed. Why should I push myself to finish? Maybe because I just don't drop a story when it grabs me. And it's finished. Add Lisa to the stellar cast I learned so much about this year. She's a redhead from North Georgia. She has a stalker. Hey, who has a stalker in high school? Lots of teens according to the CDC. And she's a tougher gal than anyone realizes. She's also goal oriented and will do anything to make it. Together, we told her story and now it goes into the shelves. Lisa, Kim/Lyssa, Sue Anne/Earl Lee/Tuck take a rest. You've earned it.


Donna Alice said…
I love how you've done the NaNo certificates on your blog. Wish I could get even one to stay on mine--they keep vanishing.

Is this the same Stalker story I've read? Or a different one? Sure wish I had your ambitious brain!!
kathispray said…
Very same stalker story but in first person and only one viewpoint. It moves so much faster now. You'll have to read it in full after I edit out all the bad stuff.