NaNo week 2

I've survived week 1 and found I can also survive my flash drive blanking out with my whole manuscript on it. A real horror story where I actually contemplated quitting. Me. The person who goes on no matter what. I actually considered for ten minutes giving up the 50,000 competition. But I didn't. I inserted the flash drive into another computer, found the temp file, and recovered everything but five lines - which I found in a recovery file on my laptop. So, with Kim's story in first draft, I've shoved it into a corner and am now heading for the second story.

The Curse of Grungy Gulley started as a challenge many years ago but never gelled into a tale I liked. After going over the elements, I tightened the time frame to five days in April. My three main characters are combating an evil entity who is seen by all of them at the same moment. These teens don't know about the others, until they come together for the final scene.

Sue Anne Edwards is a seventeen year old schoolteacher trainee in 1861. She lives in the mining town with her family. They have a comfortable and happy existence until a stranger comes to town. She risks everything to stop him and after the residents banish her and two friends, hides in the schoolhouse. The demon traps them and she's out of the game, he believes.

Earl Lee Farley is a depression era teen with a good heart. He disguises it with a smart mouth but he'll do anything to protect a woman. Which only gets him into constant trouble and confinde to the Holy Grace Baptist Camp for Troubled Kids. Earl Lee sure hates it there because they keep him on his knees all the time praying for redemption. He breaks out with eleven other kids. They end up in Grungy Gulley and are trapped in the same schoolhouse.

Tuck Barrons, a seventeen-year-old from 2005, finally convinces his father to let the older teens work on renovation project at the latest Barrons Family Fun Adventure. It's an abandoned gold mining town, Grungy Gulley. His twin, Claire, falls victim to the demon but Tuck can't worry about that. He has to trust two teens he's never met to banish the evil before it consumes the world.

Can these three figure out how to take care of the problem before Claire burns down the town and releases Ransom A. Ransom to wreak devastation? That's what I'm about to find out as I dive into this long awaited project. When I finish, I figure I'll have my best NaNo year yet. Then the question is - Just what will I do next year?