Can it happen to a teen?

Can the justice system condemn a teen for something she didn't do before trial? Does public opinion mean so much to people that they'll take one person's word over another before evidence is processed? Does it happen in America today with all our technology? Does instant information lead to instant judgment?
Bec is a teen with everything. Her dad loves her. She doesn't have anything but normal problems with him. Even those aren't huge. Her friends follow her lead. She's an honor student. During her last semester before graduation, she tries to help one of those friends. His motives are less than honorable but she doesn't pick up on those. Instead, she finds herself doing things she never did before. The guy leads her astray and she cuts all ties in an effort to have something she never had before - fun without anyone telling her it's wrong. Well, her friends and dad try to tell her. But she refuses to listen until it's almost too late.
When she breaks it off, events take her to a place where she faces public ridicule and condemnation. Now she's fighting back. Can she do it? Where will it take her? Will anyone respect her after they find out all the details? Worse, what if someone discovers the pictures she never knew about until she told a creep no?
Bec fights her demons, both external and internal. Her problems are compounded because her dad's the district attorney. She didn't think that made a difference. After all, it's her life she was living not his. No one really told her how much her actions would cost her because of his job. Now she has to disprove a series of lies, regain her dad's respect, and make everyone believe she would never hurt someone on purpose. She also learns that the justice system doesn't work well for the innocent. Her determination wavers at points but she holds firm to one idea. She would have never hurt the person she's accused of injuring. He was the only person who still believed in her.


Donna Alice said…
Can it happen - oh, yeah - absolutely. I don't have a lot of faith in the justice system, especially in small towns.

Looks like you are off and running on another one! I can't wait to see the beginning chapters.