A Voice Comes out Clearly

In finishing my 2007 NaNo project, I find my character's voice coming out clearly. How clearly? She's a teen with issues. Her friends have issues. They all have secrets about their lives they don't want anyone to know. Julie does. She holds them close to her heart. Then the unthinkable happens. One big secret has to come out but she forgets. Who can blame her? She has to adjust her life from freedom to confinement in a wheelchair. She has to deal with the death of two friends. Another marries. The fourth, the last member of her gang, he's in jail. He depends on her to remember what he needs and yet she can't. It niggles at her memory but she still can't pull it out. His incarceration bothers her. She wants him out of jail. She works every day to get him released but no one's cooperating. They even say she lied. How can she? No one lies about something like this. Her small, conservative Southern town turns their back on her, with very few exceptions. Now she finds the strength to keep fighting, to ignore hatred, to learn to deal with a world that doesn't want to believe the unthinkable. As I finish her story, I find she has far more strength of character than any one I've worked with. Julie, my girl, you fill find a home.