Can a teen make a difference?

Can a teen make a difference in a world spinning out financial control? Well, one thinks she can. To her, it's the smallest critters that are important? Too many people abandon their pets when they lose their homes. Linnie Barton won't let those animals die a cruel death in a world that doesn't care about anything so insignificant.

Her family sold a developer a large plot of land. Most of the people who bought the homes have lost them after the mortgage fiasco. Linnie feels alone. Everyone who lived there is now gone. Just her home remains. Then she discovers something she can take care of. A group of kittens that took refuge in a house. She begs her mom to let them stay on the deck, because her dad's allergic. It's an okay but Linnie has to get food and a litter box.

All's going well. Okay. Not so well. In less than a month, Linnie's menagarie has grown to include three dogs, a whole lot of birds (still in their cages), and two aquariums she located in places where the electricty was still on. What to do with a growing population her dad wants gone? Who can she trust? Does she really have to contact animal control?

Many ideas abound as Linnie works to figure out how to deal with her small zoo. Then she begins making friends with a group of kids she'd previously ignored. They have some thoughts. She likes. No. She more than likes. And sets about turning the town upside down as she puts her plans into motion.