It's here

Springmingle is tomorrow. I'm so ready - not! The nerves have attacked and they have me pinging off all the walls. The editors are ones I've subbed to before and I'd so love it if they wanted to look over my manuscripts. Which one shall I sent to Atheneum and which to Walker Books? The questions plague me constantly. If all goes as it did three years ago, Peachtree will stop by, too. Since they're in Atlanta, it's something most of us expect.

So, as I run through my pitches one last time - this hour - I wonder if I have everything perfect enough to catch an editor's interest. Then I think about all the friends I made last time. And about the new ones I hope to make this time. And also about which project I'll take for the informal critique groups Saturday afternoon.

Stay tuned. I shall post all about my fun at the conference.


Donna Alice said…
You better send DAILY posts!! Wish I was there!!!