Interviews Part 2 - Bec Janson

Today, we're talking to Dy Andrews, Bec's best friend and one of her oldest friends. Dy, Bec ran out the other day before we finished. Can you explain why?

DA: Sure. Bec, well, she's always had a hard time with things that make her nervous. We call it her freak situations. Tests, new people, changes in her life, all of them make her run. So, since the accident, she's had a bad time. Everyone blamed her. (Blushes, looks away) Even us. We ... uh, we. Well, we kind of ignored her but it wasn't that we didn't believe her.

KC: Can you explain?

DA: She made a bad mistake but she thought it was good. So she went wild most of the last semester of our senior year. Not stealing or drugs, or anything like that. Mostly, the guy she dated convinced her to do some nasty stuff.

KC: Lots of teens find themselves in that position. Why did you think she went wild?

DA: 'Cause of where she did it. The guy, Lane Miller, convinced her to have sex in public places. (fingers twisting together). Jack, my guy, and I caught her. That's when we decided to do an intervention. You know, force her to make a choice between Lane and her life.

KC: What choice did she make?

DA: The wrong one. We thought. She decided to stick with Lane. Then she quit on everything important to her. But she kept freaking. We didn't know what was going on. Except Ev. He knew but he wouldn't share. He just kept telling us she needed us to stay her friends.

KC: Did you?

DA: Not like she needed. (Stands) You'll have to talk to Ev and Bec to find out the rest. I don't like how I acted. Bec needed me and I walked away from her. Some friend.

Dy said goodbye but refused to say anything else about her cryptic remarks. Just received a text. Ev Tinker wants to talk to me tomorrow. Stay tuned for the next installment with this interesting group of teens.


RuthAnne said…
I love that you are interviewing characters!