MAYO Day 12

Have you ever had twelve uninterrupted hours to just write without worrying about housework, kids, or phones? I got that today and decided I'd put the finish screaming in my head on Deadly Trust. 12.3 hours and 15,841 words later, I put in those immortal words. The End.

The end only to the first draft. This one needs tons of work but I can now devote every free moment the rest of the week to finishing Renegade Marshal. Of course, tomorrow I won't have much time. Need to appear at son's middle school for book fair then bring home groceries. Thursday has concert-interruptus scheduled but it's the last one of the year. From Friday through a week from that day, I have people free days and tons of time to get into the struggle of accomplishing something I haven't even done for NaNo - seven full length projects. Then it's scaling back as I look at these projects and decide what I have to fix.

Tonight, however, is devoted to losing myself in someone else's writing. My brain needs a vacation.