MAYO Day 16

Back in the mode again and going slow but understand my characters so much better. Today's Renegade Marshal chapter came out at 1427 words. I'll try to start giving a running total for the month, maybe even broken down by book. It sure is fun, pushing myself creatively. Now that I've slowed down, and admitted I can't finish everything I wanted to accomplish, I feel like I'll get the important elements of this story down so I can clean up and add small but important details as I go through it.

So, the numbers start totaling today. Very impressive but I was never about making 20,000 words, just about getting some stuff off my to do list.
Horseman Saga 1: Cursed by a Pale Horse: 25944. Deadly Trust: 53838. Horseman Saga 2: Renegade Marshal: 21488.

All of them exceeded the word count but none have yet to give me the satisfaction of a job completed. That will come after I finish my goals.