MAYO Day 23

Hello, blogging world, or those few folks I have reading this. I bet you thought I forgot to post today. Nope. Just another way to motivate myself. See, I wasn't getting enough done with my desktop inviting me to waste time on the net, so it's back to the laptop I deliberately keep disconnected from distraction.

Then I discovered I'd miscounted. So, today's installment of Renegade Marshal got going. Four chapters in the first draft stage, added to those I already have. I might have a chance of putting the end on this one, if I motivate a bit more tomorrow. Final counts?
Renegade Marshal - daily: 5367. Month-to-date total? 31657. Total for Cursed by a Pale Horse: 23,236 in May (and I promise I won't cheat here). Total for Deadly Trust: 76,490. Overall total for the month? 134,383. That's more like it. And I'll keep those numbers handy, so I don't get lost again.

Tomorrow promises more time for writing and less for mundane household chores. When the dust rises from the carpet, it's time to do something about it. Moving isn't in the cards. A maid won't come up my driveway, therefore I must clean. All sparkling now so I can devote another week to pushing myself to the max.