Well, day 4 was a bust. Couldn't get it together. Blame the weather. It didn't rain for the first time in almost a week. Thank goodness. I thought I was about to grow webs between my fingers and toes and start quacking. The frog population has exploded, which is great since it'll keep the mosquitos down. I have a lake (almost) at the bottom of my property and a stream running from where my neighbor dug out part of his hill. There's even a waterfall eroding my driveway. Groan!

Onto to progress. Deadly Trust, now my number 1 project, gained 5,174 words this morning. With the first book in the Horseman series finished, I'm taking an hour off then diving into the second book, Renegade Marshal. Different twist but a character I need to explore as my gal journeys into the realm of bringing the past and present together.