MAYO Day 8

Well, really great morning. Managed to work on both projects before lunch. Deadly Trust moved forward 3610 words and Renegade Marshal 1302 for a total of 4912 words for the day. Now I have to dive into other projects.

Research, plotting, backgrounding, and thinking will occupy the rest of my day. Good luck, fellow MAYOers. I wish you luck in meeting your goals.


Donna Alice said…
I got out of bed and drove Miah an hour to school. Now I'm at the library working on email. At one I have to help teach thirteen 6-8 year olds, then I get half an hour break before I start the school cleaning. Will get done and home by 7. Then I will help the boys bag their newspapers for their route, wash clothes for the JOGATHON tomorrow and wish I could write.

Glad someone is making their goals. I wanted to work on 2 ms. at once too --waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah