MAYO - In Retrospect

The last day of May. A little over a month ago, I heard about a challenge to write at least 20,000 words. They could be new, revisions, or rewrites. NaNoWriMo rules didn't apply. The only pressure as to how much or how little I did, or if I even participated, was up to me. Well, I'm not one to give up a challenge I see as reachable, so I decided to go for it.

Now, on the last day of the month, I can proudly say a good friend's challenge gave what I'd needed for so long - a kick in the tutu to start the first drafts of a six book saga. I'd talked about it with her. We'd brainstormed it over many email sessions. No one could say it was a new idea. Even modern television had approached my demons in some way or another, but it was something I had to do. Maybe no one will ever pick it up. That does't matter, I had to write it.

In addition to finishing the first two books of The Horseman Saga, I also rewrote a Southern mystery with a major romance element, an adult book. Another urge I had to itch, another story I'd thought of for a long time. It's now in the first draft stage, ready for me to expand or delete the scenes.

Do I have more than enough to occupy me for the next year? Sure. I could probably skip NaNo this year but I won't. June promises to bring long days going over my research while I also finish the last four first drafts for The Horseman Saga and start a second Southern mystery for adults. Then I have a couple of things to put out to publishers. No one can say I didn't try to find a contract this year.

So onward and upward. I won't post as often until November, but I will continue trekking to that elusive goal of a contract for one of my books.