Another month closes

And I feel closer to some characters, let down others have yet to live up to their potential, and ready to take on more challenges. What have I learned this month? That I do have the ability to pick out pieces of those around me, to dredge up some of the horrors from years past and distill them into a cohesive story, and mostly, that I have the power to continue working on something no matter how intense it gets, or how much it affects me.

So, another lesson. I actually figured out how to do a first draft of a synopsis. This very vital part of submitting has always eluded me. Sure, I wrote them. All writers do. But mine stank. And that was putting it mildly. Then a thought came to me. I had the five elements of a synopsis: hook, book's beginning, conflict main character faces, how he/she resolves conflict, ending. Okay, how hard is it to put that into one page? Oh, much harder than anyone realizes. See, writing is about description, it's about dialogue that moves the plot forward while sounding normal, it's about getting all this into a format that will attract a reader. Now they tell me they want it all shoved into a single page? GET REAL!

Well, I'm not in a position to change an editor's mind. Don't want to now that I've learned what the synopsis does. I painstakingly sat down and wrote one out before my current project ever saw its first critique. Why? Because I wanted my first impressions, my initial thoughts as part of this process. It still needs tons of work but I feel I have taken an important step toward being able to write one of these without developing a migraine and pulling out my hair then having someone tell me it stinks. Oh, yes, I have mastered the synopsis! Hooray!