New Project, Same Problems

Or not. Whenever I start something new it's like I have a million things to do, and I don't mean on that project. I have home issues dragging me away from writing. I have other projects demanding my attention. Mostly, I wonder if I have the concentration to begin anew running through me. The first few days, chapters, are difficult at best. Distracting at worst as I begin to get to know my characters.

Yet, this project is far closer to home than I've ever done. The antagonist has the same issues of some of those around me. The protagonist closely resembles another near me. Am I too close to the issue? Do I have to back off, release the anger and pain I feel in order to write a cohesive book or should I transfer those emotions to my main character, giving her a strength beyond her years at the end, as she untangles her life and becomes almost rabid about preventing another accident like the one she survived? So many questions, maybe that's my milieu, to have the questions and find the answers. Time shall tell as I plot out this novel.