The ultimate goal...what is it?

As I push myself to discover my characters as I write their stories, I also discover more about my life, things I've forgotten, things I never wanted to remember. So it goes with my current project.

I never wanted to relive some of the more painful moments from high school. Who does? Is it not more convenient to gloss over them, pretend to the popularity, the elitism that marked a successful school career? Who wants to admit they stood on the outside looking in, yet do not those things mark a person as strong as they make their way in an uncaring world?

So many now say world events age children before they really enjoy life. To them, I say phoeey. Sure, I depend on my children to show me the way as I wade through teen lingo but I also find myself leaning more and more heavily on the events of my childhood to find the true emotions. The current teen problems tied to relationships and other problems aren't new, they're only cloaked with new technology bringing out their consequences much faster. And so, I blend the old and the new, show the problems come from both sides of the generation gap (and have now marked myself from that particular generation), and find a solution more twenty-first century than twentieth, yet one that is fitting for both.

May we all look on our younger years with less jaded eyes and remember...take a deep breath and softly say goodbye.