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A new tale demanding I tell it

Okay, I've played with ghost stories before but always for children. Never once have I contemplated a paranormal romance story but...well...maybe now is the time. Paranormal romance often evokes of a ghost in love with a living human. Or maybe vamps doing their thing. Okay, I'm so over the vamp thing. There are too many vampire stories out there right now to even consider it. As for ghosts falling in love? Bleh! Not happening from the twist queen.

What am I working on? Well, this young woman, about 25, returns to her hometown. They hate her. Hate her with a purple-eyed passion. Seems she failed them seven years earlier when she couldn't identify a serial killer called The Wraith. Nope, he's not a ghost. Very human. Very nasty. So rank he'll kill a skunk in full bloom. She suspects who it is. There are forty...oops, forgot now forty-one victims of this murderer but the cops have only found five.

Really creepy part? The early twist? All these women could be my main cha…

Warmer weather...Hotter writing

Not working new but reworking old this month. Usually, I start my research for my NaNo project but I'm going to go with something I looked into years back so I can wait to do all the organizing on that until after school starts in August.

July, lovely, hot, humid, July has evolved into revising a project I tried to do a couple of years back but nothing ever came together. It has now. The characters formed so much better when I narrowed their world down and brought out the relationships earlier in the book. The first chapter is still giving me fits but I think I'll get that down in the next go around.

For now, edits demand my attention - changing those negatives to positives this time. Then it's a rest while I kick out a couple of short stories that I can't get out of my head.