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Wet, Wild, and Wow

I've heard far too many times how writers should write about what we experience. Our characters are richer for the experiences. The depths of plot and story draw on those experiences to draw in the reader to the highs and lows. To that end, I find myself drawn to document the recent floods in Georgia and Tennessee along with family dynamics into a tale of growth and revelation, of pain and loss.

How much hardness does a character need to evolve into someone relating a compelling story? Does that character need to find a toughness to deal with a harsh world? Can he/she retain some of the innocence where a belief in family remains even though he/she knows with absolute certainty nothing can go back to the illusion he/she lost?

A new tale forms in my head as I clean up from the waters that ripped through my home this month. The same pain and loss of illusionment strengthens my character as I develop her likes and dislikes, her hopes and dreams, her acceptance of a situation far beyond …

September - Fall is here

September brings football, cooler weather, and a promise of a brighter future. But the fingers are faltering. The characters are on vacation. How can I do anything with no voices chattering in my head.

The thought of losing my characters should scare me but I feel something big coming down. And it's probably NaNo. Ah, November is right around the corner. I have three projects on the list of we can do it. The first is fantasy, about a teen scared of her own shadow but the only salvation of her town as a black-hole creation of her family's swallows everything. The second is a salute to NaNoWriMo's young writer's program. And you thought you'd seen every vampire twist there was. No more here. This one I want to savor. Finally, one about the evolution of tornados and fires into fire-nados. The greenhouse effect affects on this phenomenon and a young woman's journey from pariah to hero comes out of a deep desire to blend action and a bit of science fiction into an ac…