September - Fall is here

September brings football, cooler weather, and a promise of a brighter future. But the fingers are faltering. The characters are on vacation. How can I do anything with no voices chattering in my head.

The thought of losing my characters should scare me but I feel something big coming down. And it's probably NaNo. Ah, November is right around the corner. I have three projects on the list of we can do it. The first is fantasy, about a teen scared of her own shadow but the only salvation of her town as a black-hole creation of her family's swallows everything. The second is a salute to NaNoWriMo's young writer's program. And you thought you'd seen every vampire twist there was. No more here. This one I want to savor. Finally, one about the evolution of tornados and fires into fire-nados. The greenhouse effect affects on this phenomenon and a young woman's journey from pariah to hero comes out of a deep desire to blend action and a bit of science fiction into an action/adventure book appealing to not only teens but also the twenty-somethings.


Donna Alice said…
NaNo already??? Na NOOOOOOOOOOO --- although I'll probably do it again. Hope October is a long month.