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Another year has come to pass. Almost. I've spent a good part of the last ten months preparing for my fifth NaNo and right at the last second found myself facing a conundrum. Do I continue with the three projects I've worked so hard to prepare or do I dump one so I can be a part-time NaNo Rebel to revise a project that came back from a contest in the last week?

The answer to this question eluded me until I started to look at the project. It's hot. It's good. It really is a good YA fantasy. And Claudia Gabel was right. The voice is right on target. So, I'm a part-time NaNo Rebel in addition to pounding out two new projects.

The first, Blaze, explores a growing natural problem. Do I answer questions such as is it due to global warming? Nope. Not going there. All I want to do with this story is explore a young woman's supernatural ability to control this event and her unwillingness to ever do that again, since the first and only other time she did it, too many peopl…