Another year has come to pass. Almost. I've spent a good part of the last ten months preparing for my fifth NaNo and right at the last second found myself facing a conundrum. Do I continue with the three projects I've worked so hard to prepare or do I dump one so I can be a part-time NaNo Rebel to revise a project that came back from a contest in the last week?

The answer to this question eluded me until I started to look at the project. It's hot. It's good. It really is a good YA fantasy. And Claudia Gabel was right. The voice is right on target. So, I'm a part-time NaNo Rebel in addition to pounding out two new projects.

The first, Blaze, explores a growing natural problem. Do I answer questions such as is it due to global warming? Nope. Not going there. All I want to do with this story is explore a young woman's supernatural ability to control this event and her unwillingness to ever do that again, since the first and only other time she did it, too many people died. Designed for older young adults, or even people who just like a good story, I hope to bring about all the nuances I've built into the outline.

The second, High Hopes, has a multi-generational family blowing it big time against their competitors in trying to end a century old problem. Only everyone uses curses and counter-curses designed to blow up. Literally. And a manmade black hole starts chewing up northwest Georgia. Setting my stories where I live has been my favorite place for the longest time. And now I have to go against science and give a teen the ability to end the confusion, as soon as she figures out if all the people grabbed by this black hole are worth it. Are they? No, but she has to overcome her initial reluctance and remember the greater good. One can hope she does, since her worst enemy is trying to make things worse.

And the final project, Paradox Lost, tracks a young man as he finishes his education. DJ has many issues in his life, not the least is that he feels responsible for his twin's death almost a year earlier. Did he actually kill his twin? No, but that doesn't help. He was always the one to go with their dad before but stayed behind. A war is heating up between Travelers and Rogues, leaving DJ caught in the middle. His dad is caught in another, long before his birth, and dying of injuries inflicted during a calamity. If his dad does die, will DJ have ever existed? He is the True Neutral, the one designated to change Traveling, to forge a new relationship with WormHoles. How can he do that if he disappears? Who will stand up against the men and women determined to control the world?

Claudia Gabel, you rock. Your few words on how to improve just the first chapter have pushed me to expand this novel into a fantasy worth reading. Revisions are going ahead full steam as I plan out new scenes, improved characters, and an edge that will keep the reader turning the page until the end. I only hope I can do this right.

So, onto the final planning, the housecleaning I can't accomplish while I'm tied to the laptop, and the family who will demand my attention but I can't comply with their wishes. NaNo is here again and I'm more than ready to dive into it.