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NaNo Day 27

Technically, I finished last weekend, when I decided my third novel wouldn't finish. Okay, I could have included what I did write in the final word count. But it just didn't feel right. Kind of like a cheat. The book wasn't done. It needed more help than I could give it to revive the plot. That was due to poor planning, a natural disaster (we were part of the September flooding), and a family issue that ripped me away from my usual prep concentration. Long story short? Total NaNo Word Count 126,114. A respectable finish. More than twice the minimum word count.
I downloaded my certificates last night. NaNoWriMo 2009 is finished for me. But NaNoWriMo 2010 has already started.

NaNo Day 22

Ah, what a difference 24 hours makes. As I looked at High Hopes today, I realized I had not done enough plotting. The world where my main character lives lacks so much. So...not quitting. Just putting back on the shelf for next year, while I create this world and all its rules. But I won't give up on a third NaNo project just yet. There is still a week until final countdown. And I have this cute middle grade idea all plotted out. Hmmmm?

NaNo Day 21

And I'm on the big push. High Hopes moves forward 4440 words today. Totals looking better. Here they are: Paradox Lost - 76,004, Blaze - 50,057, High Hopes - 20,007! Three more days like this and I can count another successful year NaNoing.

NaNo Day 20

Okay. Getting there. The middle is sagging badly but I can fix that over the next year. Totals for today are: Paradox Lost - 76004, Blaze - 50,057, High Hopes - 15,567. NaNo to date total: 141,628 - a rise of 2,689 words today. Just have to keep that up and I'll finish.

Shameless Self Promotion

And what else is a blog for if not shameless self promotion? When I started November, I swore all I would blog about was NaNo. After all, that's been my November for five years now. But first there was the contest. And I made it. Only 70 of us and it only took 20 minutes to close that contest. Now, I find out I've been published in Frontier Tales. Woo Hoo! Check out my take on why Morgan Earp's ghost haunts Campbell & Hatches Saloon in Tombstone at The story is titled Brothers Under the Skin.

NaNo Day 19

Frustration is really biting my ankles. My third project is moving so slowly I'm beginning to despair finishing all of them this year. That'll be a first. But I plan to do a major write in, hiding in my office all weekend, to catch up so I can finish by Tuesday at 12:15. Why then? Well, it only takes 15 minutes to drive to son's school and he's out for Thanksgiving break then. So, I have to be done. A teen in the house is not an inducement to finish writing. To date I have a total of 138,939 words. Paradox Lost - 76004, Blaze - 50,057, High Hopes - 12,878. And I'm thinking about changing that title to Lost Cause. It's the only one I can't get into.

NaNo Day 18

And I'm on a roll. Didn't do much in word count today but I finally have the characters, or most of them, figured out. The others will come as their part becomes clear to the story line. Now, I'm ready to start on the middle, and make sure it doesn't sag. That'll be fun but I think I can do it. Goal for finishing is still next Tuesday. Total word count: Paradox Lost - 76,004, Blaze - 50,057, High Hopes - 11,703 for a NaNo count of 137,764.


NaNo Day 17

Ah, figured out why I struggled so hard with this one. Had to go back to the beginning and flesh out the characters. It's a wonderful method of filling in spots where things slow down. With that in mind, and a new chapter 2 in addition to an expanded chapter 1 for High Hopes, I moved forward almost 3,000 words today in this last goal. Totals: Paradox Lost - 76,004, Blaze - 50,057, High Hopes - 9,106. It's moving slower than the rest but I'm starting to hear my main character telling me her story. And what a story it is. I only hope my fingers can keep up with her as she relates how she comes to save the world, condemned by a relative 100 years earlier.

NaNo Day 16

Real life intrudes. I did get some words down today but not as much as I wanted to. But the dust build up in the house positively demanded I do something about it. So, Paradox Lost and Blaze are done. They're in the annals of NaNo history. But High Hopes is going slowly. Have to get my head back into this story. Word count to date: Paradox Lost - 76004, Blaze - 50057, High Hopes - 6328. Yippee! My total NaNo count is 132389. And fourteen more days of writing to finish my personal goals. Life is good.

NaNo Day 15

Day 15 stats. Wrists and fingers feel awful. Pain. Incredible pain. Rest of me is cheering and jumping up and down. My marathon sessions have finished Blaze. Total NaNo count for first 15 days of November is 131,161. So ready to dive into final project tomorrow. High Hopes really describes my feelings for achieving my NaNo goals this year.

NaNo Day 14

Day 14 brings a tough scene, even tougher situation, but I handled all and plodded on. Blaze increased by more than 7,000 words. My NaNo total now is 120,486. Phew, I was not sure I could do that much today. Not on schedule yet but I'm hoping I'll finish my projects now before my son gets out of school for the Thanksgiving holidays.

NaNo Day 13

And I'm off and running with Blaze. Figured out the first chapter was too lean to help me at the ending. I needed much more to motivate me to bring in the emotions and backdrop of this futuristic fantasy. Did almost 8000 words today, bringing my overall total to 113,912

NaNo Day 12

Another slow day. This one is really taking it out of me. Maybe because of all the outside stuff influencing my writing time. For the first time ever during NaNo, I have broken vehicles, child acting out, and horror of horrors, those close to me demanding I slow down. Not happening. However, I did manage to do more than 2,000 words today. Blaze is now at an outstanding 25, 849 words bringing my NaNo total to 106,953. Tomorrow, I promise, I will make it through the sub climax and maybe the climax. Who knows? Maybe I'll actually finish this thing so I can get a rough draft done on High Hopes. Then I can go back and add detail - the one thing that's holding me up now.

NaNo Day 11

And I'm back on track. The characters are singing in my head again. The story is coming alive. Parts are still blank but that'll fill in when I'm editing. Today's installment of Blaze brings my total to 1104,928 for the month. Behind a bit still but catching up fast. Hopefully, I can finish the middle tomorrow and move onto the sub climax and climax Friday. Then it's down to the big finish Saturday. Sunday will see me celebrating my son turning 14 and starting on the middle of High Hopes. And I do have high hopes for finishing all three projects for NaNo this year.

What was I thinking?

Or maybe the better title is what in the world did I just do? Well, I found not one but two YA Novel contests...but both were subbed during November. November. The month of NaNo. The month when I throw all caution to the winds and write my heart out, trying to speed write several novels I then spend the next year rewriting. So, I'm busier than Santa on Christmas Eve during November.

But...and it's a big but...I decided to push my well known limits just a little further. I can say when you're posting a contest (250 words of 1st chapter for one contest, synopsis and first five pages for the other) during days when you're already overwhelmed, your mind starts to play tricks on you. And play tricks my mind certainly did. I could not get into my NaNo stuff. No way. Going slow. Editing the life out of my submissions. Coming close to beating up the keyboard to try to make some sense. And the upshot?

I posted the first contest this afternoon. One agent and five editors at major …

NaNo Day 11

Oh, the woes of a rainy day. All I want to do is sleep. Lovely sleep. But I managed to shove out one chapter of Blaze, well under what I planned. I'll have to do better tomorrow or I'll never finish. Today's totals with Blaze's miserable 18,183 words is 99,287. Tomorrow I will do better. I swear it.

NaNo Day 10

And it's off to the races with Blaze. Well into what a couple of boys at my son's school called the boring part. Can't get their words out of my head. Working hard to make my middles as interesting as the beginning, climax, and ending. Real work there. Learning how to blend description and action while NaNoing. Today's total count 98183. Paradox Lost remains at 76004 while High Hopes rests at 5100. Blaze jumped up to 17079. Hoping tomorrow will bring an end to the middle and I can move into the subclimas. Outlined that well. It should only take a day to write.

NaNo Day 8

And it's slow today. The words won't come but I'm not worried. I did fix the ending of Paradox Lost, bringing that word count to 76,004. Blaze added a new chapter for a total of 13021. High Hopes remains the same at 5100. Total NaNo count only eight days in? 94,125.

NaNo Day 7

As always, I came to a decision point as the first week of NaNo drew to a close. The three projects I decided to do were slowing. The characters stopped speaking to me. I was taking on too much and worried I would not finish. Then the solution presented itself as I struggled with going on, of not quitting in my fifth year.

I would break up the projects, complete them one at a time. That being said, Blaze begins the intense writing tomorrow. On the fifteenth, the day my youngest has his fourteenth birthday, I'll do the same with High Hopes. But Paradox Lost, my fantasy novel about time travel and fantastic powers, took all my attention yesterday and this morning.

So, word counts. Paradox Lost has The End on it with a grand total of 75,828 words. Blaze and High Hopes remain the same from yesterday. NaNo to date is at 92,441.

Will I finish in time? Sure will, and probably with about fifteen days left to think about a middle grade project I have simmering on the back burner.

NaNo Day 6

Okay, on track. Real life is in the background thanks to my number four son. Paradox Lost heads for the finale with a grand total today of 58,704 words. Blaze is flaming along with 11,513 words. High Hopes struggles with only 5,100 words but I know it will break out of its rut next week. Yeah, the weekend promises several things and I only hope I can do it.

NaNo Day 5

And the battle to finish three novels in 30 days continues. Took much longer to achieve goals today but I managed. High Hopes came in at the least with a total of 4,560 words. Blaze took off as the characters came alive with 9528 written so far. Paradox Lost, my tale of time travel and fantastic abilities is now at 50,722 words. What will tomorrow bring? Better, I can only hope.

NaNo Day 4

And the push is now on. After fighting for every word since this year's NaNo started Sunday at 12:01 AM, I am now into the stories. And working all three of those I plan to complete at the stame time. Paradox Lost was the main focus for the first couple of days and is now at 45,999 words. Almost at the sub-climax there so I'm thinking it'll come in at around 80,000 words. That's only for the first draft.

Blaze is now at 5757 words. And the twist that came up after I did all my careful outlining is holding water. The story expands, with new twists and turns. It's more about the people involved than the powers they wield, but what a group of dysfunctional people. Kind of reminds of my own family growing up. And in my dictionary in this particular story, there is a picture of that group next to the definition of dysfunctional.

High Hopes is now taking on a life of its own, after I added a chapter near the begining. At only 3292 words, I'll have to really concentrate…

NaNo day 3

Better. Decided to work only two projects this first week. But I know I'll be back in full swing next week. So, Paradox Lost moved forward 8580 words today. Blaze came in at a steaming 1850 words. Total done this AM 10430 for an updated NaNo count of 50,181. A personal best. I've never finished the minimum word count so fast before. But I know serious editing is in my future.

NaNo day 2

OMG! I can't believe it. Year five may be when I don't finish. I know. Only day 2, but I'm just super tired. Can't think. Can't stop yawing. Can't do much at all. Book 1, got 7217 finished; book 2 only 316; book 3, nada. Can you imagine that? Only 39,751 so far. What have I done wrong? I know! It's time to kick the cat out of the bed so he doesn't spend half the night playing.

NaNo Number 5

And I started strong. More than 32,000 words in the first day. Paradox Lost, my tale of a time travel paradox, came in at the best with 28,014. Blaze, a fantasy novel about weather controlling abilities, was next with 2,343 words. High Hopes, a ghost story with a mystery, is third with 1,861 words. Can I keep going? Only time will tell.