NaNo Day 16

Real life intrudes. I did get some words down today but not as much as I wanted to. But the dust build up in the house positively demanded I do something about it. So, Paradox Lost and Blaze are done. They're in the annals of NaNo history. But High Hopes is going slowly. Have to get my head back into this story. Word count to date: Paradox Lost - 76004, Blaze - 50057, High Hopes - 6328. Yippee! My total NaNo count is 132389. And fourteen more days of writing to finish my personal goals. Life is good.


Michele said…
How on earth do you write so much? lol Do you ever sleep, eat, bathe?
KC Sprayberry said…
Oh, I eat, bathe, and sleep. I also have a very high typing speed. The result of years making a living as an administrative assistant. And I plot out my characters and outline so well I don't have to sit back and think. Most of the time.