NaNo Day 4

And the push is now on. After fighting for every word since this year's NaNo started Sunday at 12:01 AM, I am now into the stories. And working all three of those I plan to complete at the stame time. Paradox Lost was the main focus for the first couple of days and is now at 45,999 words. Almost at the sub-climax there so I'm thinking it'll come in at around 80,000 words. That's only for the first draft.

Blaze is now at 5757 words. And the twist that came up after I did all my careful outlining is holding water. The story expands, with new twists and turns. It's more about the people involved than the powers they wield, but what a group of dysfunctional people. Kind of reminds of my own family growing up. And in my dictionary in this particular story, there is a picture of that group next to the definition of dysfunctional.

High Hopes is now taking on a life of its own, after I added a chapter near the begining. At only 3292 words, I'll have to really concentrate on this one next week while finishing up Blaze. Here's hoping I'll have Paradox Lost complete by Sunday, so I can get the others done.

And if there's time. Well, there always is time, isn't there? I have two other stories outlined and sitting in the wings. Let the push head into full gear.