NaNo Day 7

As always, I came to a decision point as the first week of NaNo drew to a close. The three projects I decided to do were slowing. The characters stopped speaking to me. I was taking on too much and worried I would not finish. Then the solution presented itself as I struggled with going on, of not quitting in my fifth year.

I would break up the projects, complete them one at a time. That being said, Blaze begins the intense writing tomorrow. On the fifteenth, the day my youngest has his fourteenth birthday, I'll do the same with High Hopes. But Paradox Lost, my fantasy novel about time travel and fantastic powers, took all my attention yesterday and this morning.

So, word counts. Paradox Lost has The End on it with a grand total of 75,828 words. Blaze and High Hopes remain the same from yesterday. NaNo to date is at 92,441.

Will I finish in time? Sure will, and probably with about fifteen days left to think about a middle grade project I have simmering on the back burner.


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