What was I thinking?

Or maybe the better title is what in the world did I just do? Well, I found not one but two YA Novel contests...but both were subbed during November. November. The month of NaNo. The month when I throw all caution to the winds and write my heart out, trying to speed write several novels I then spend the next year rewriting. So, I'm busier than Santa on Christmas Eve during November.

But...and it's a big but...I decided to push my well known limits just a little further. I can say when you're posting a contest (250 words of 1st chapter for one contest, synopsis and first five pages for the other) during days when you're already overwhelmed, your mind starts to play tricks on you. And play tricks my mind certainly did. I could not get into my NaNo stuff. No way. Going slow. Editing the life out of my submissions. Coming close to beating up the keyboard to try to make some sense. And the upshot?

I posted the first contest this afternoon. One agent and five editors at major publishing houses will read that one. Oh, I so hope someone's really impressed enough to want much more. Then at nine o'clock tonight, with millions of other young adult writers all across the country, I went for the querytracker.net contest. Only 70 get in. Just 70. I sat at my computer from 8:45 on. At 8:59, I entered my log in information. Then waited for 9:00 and just a few seconds. Didn't want to be caught up in what I was sure would be a logjam of folks getting on right away. Submission screen came up immediately. I put in the information, making sure everything was absolutely perfect. Checked three more times. Blew a kiss for good luck. Then clicked on submit and crossed my fingers. It went! Yippee! I'm one of the 70. Win in this contest is a request for a full manuscript with Anna Webman of Curtis Adams.

Do I have a chance? Oh, I hope so. All I know now is that I'm really ready to dive into the rest of my NaNo work and hope I won't slow down until the certificate prints out.