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Another contest, another chance to put my work forward

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a writing contest junkie. Tell me about one, and if I have a manuscript applicable to the guidelines, I'll enter. That is if the fee isn't too outrageous or it's free. And this one is free. It's for young adult and middle grade stories, completed of course. Is there any other way to submit to a contest? My biggest worry is someone will call about a chapter I post to a contest and it's not finished, if I ever take that chance.

So, where is this contest you ask? Follow this link:
 and then read the rules well. You need a logline and the first 150 to 200 words. Then you have to either post twice on social media or post once and link to your blog. Okay, one requirement done here. Will post on FB later, and invite all my writer friends to submit.

What am I subbing? Well, during the 2008 NaNo writing experience, that is a month of pounding…

Finding a bit of myself in my characters

I've spent quite a bit of time lately seeing bits and pieces of myself in my characters but perhaps the strongest story so far involves a teen caught up in the middle of a high school with an increasing drinking problem. She's against it and those for it are the 'in crowd' the teens ready to do whatever it takes to continue their lifestyle. So, I wonder, as I take this story to its completion, if I am really ready to unleash so many of my insecurities on the world. Or maybe I should just give it a shot and see what comes of this.

My character learns how real life is when tragedy completely destroys her clique. I've learned this lesson far too many times. She fights back. I have, sometimes. Others, I set the action to story and provide a resolution I avoided. Maybe my imagination is setting me on a path to resolve unresolved issues in the same way my characters do.

Time shall see.