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Rewriting and Revising

Horrid, dreaded words every writer cringes when hearing. I worked so hard on my manuscript. Why should I rewrite or revise it? I can't tell everyone how much I've heard just those words, mostly from writers new to the game. Rewriting and revising is the major part of what we do. Creating the story is only like a very detailed outline. Then we must go through with red pencil and ruthlessly scratch out the chaff. We must also weigh each word for importance to plot movement. And all dialogue must sound natural. That being said, rewriting and revising is and will always be something I dread with every fiber of my being. I am a writer. Creativity is my middle name, along with research. But I learn so much about my stories during the rewriting and revising phase.

Take Secrets from the Flames, my current major rewrite project. This story started life as Earth Angel, about a teen seeking answers. Her answers weren't will my guy dump me or will the cool girls ever accept me. No, th…