National Attention

Do we really want the world to view the South as backwards fools who let a travesty such as the Tonya Craft trial happen? I thought that having national attention would give her a fair break but now that the Today Show will begin airing tomorrow, I'm not so sure anymore. The South is anything but what the rest of the nation will see of this travesty. We are intelligent, hard working people. Most have lived here all their lives, with maybe a year or two elsewhere for schooling or military. But, far and above, Southerners love their homes and come back to them.

On the other hand, the blatant problems associated with the Craft trial have to stop. Appeals are necessary, the very first one being the judge not recusing himself after it was revealed he represented Ms. Craft's ex in their divorce proceedings. However, that leaves Ms. Craft open for another trial, another recitation of stories that change to fit the circumstances, of having her character maligned by those she once called her closest friends. I feel for her and pray nightly for a miracle to remove her from this nightmare without end.

I've heard people say things like this only happen in poorly written fiction. Here's the real story. I could write a piece of fiction with this story as the linchpin. And some editor somewhere would send it back and tell me this kind of fantasy would never sell. Fiction is real life, taken down a million notches. Will I still develop a story with the actions I've seen these last three weeks. Of course. And I hope I can make my characters as sympathetic or as appalling as what I've seen in the three ring circus still going on in Catoosa County.

The witch hunts of the eighties have returned. Unfortunately, this will only get worse before it gets better. Thanks to a watchdog like William L. Anderson the people of the Lookout Mountain Judicial District have opened their eyes and mouths. Our protests may bring some good out of all this bad. All I can do at this point is wait and see, like Ms. Craft.


Donna Alice said…
It's a shame that people can't really get a fair trial in some instances. I am appalled at the things I'm reading about this poor woman. Hope she gets acquitted and sues the pants off of all her accusers. The sad part is - in some cases you can never really prove that you didn't do something. Once someone has leveled an accusation at you, it's hard to make people forget what they've heard whether they believe it or not.

It's true but cliched' truth is often stranger than fiction.
KC Sprayberry said…
Too bad the only person the Today Show is working with is the legal analyst at WRCB. He works as the juvenile judge part time, so he's paid by the county. This really stinks. Tonya needs this trial moved to the other side of the country, where an totally impartial judge who doesn't know here doesn't stack the jury and stops the prosecutor. Also, children's services needs to keep a better eye on her kids but that's not happening since they now live in TN with her ex. It really makes you want to cry.