Prayers for Tonya


This is one classy lady and sassy to boot. She got on the stand prepared for her throat getting dry and maybe crying with a cup of water and a hanky. Her answers to the first questions are concise and said without malice. I am so impressed with her. Even when the prosecutors and judge began attacking her attorney's line of questioning, she stayed strong. Prayers going out for you every second, Tonya. Don't let them shake you.

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Week 4 of the Tonya Craft trial is coming close to an end. Tonya's husband has spent most of the day testifying and has confirmed what all of us already know. None of these supposed acts ever happened! But what has happened is small town cattiness and pettiness. Two women with axes to grind and an ex husband made some awful decisions. They probably only thought their actions would cost Tonya her job and kids. None of them probably ever thought their lies would go this far. But this far they have gone. It's fish or cut bait time as my husband says occasionally.

What does that mean? Soon, the jury will have Tonya's fate in their hands. Will those 12 good men and women have the strength of will to look past the hyperbole and see the truth? Can they stand up against a powerhouse of men running this trial? All of the spectators know the truth after almost a month of watching the courtroom antics of Judge House, ADA Arnt, and ADA Gregor. None of those men have acted honorably but they demand that type of treatment from anyone in the courtroom as a spectator. Good thing I made the decision to stay away or I might right now be a guest of Catoosa County's detention center. Why? I have never, ever respected a person for the job they do. Doesn't matter if they are a general in the military, a CEO of a company, or the president of the United States. Respect is given when I know the person does the job to the best of their ability. I do respect people. People who accept they are human and can fail, and acknowledge that. People who don't prejudge a person based on vile rumors begun by a group of small minded individuals who hate anyone that doesn't do what they want the moment they want it. And mostly, I respect people with the guts to stand up for what they believe in.

My blog doesn't have many followers. But you have friends. And they have friends. Pray for Tonya Craft so she knows we are with her during this time of tribulation. Tell your friends to pray for Tonya when she takes the stand in her defense. Yes, in this country, a defendant doesn't have to prove their innocence. In theory. In fact, Tonya Craft cannot avoid taking the stand. Even though she faces screaming accusations from both prosecutors during her time on the stand, even though she must hold up and answers questions with no bearing on the charges, even though she is a private person baring her soul to the public, she must take the stand and defend her actions. The judge in this trial has demonstrated form the day he refused to recuse himself, since he represented her ex husband in a hearing, that he is not willing to be fair and impartial. So, as this week draws to a close, and we hold our children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews close. As we take for granted the ability to hug a child on Mother's Day and rejoice in our motherhood, pray for Tonya Craft. It has been more than two years since she heard 'Happy Mother's Day' from her kids. And it may be a lifetime before she ever hears them say those words if the judge and prosecutors bully the jury into convicting her.

For more information on this trial, check out or WRCB news: They more than most other news reporting agencies in this area, have presented a true view of this unfolding story. Tonya's trial probably won't end for another week. Her children probably won't seen their mother for another four years due to the way things run down here. But your prayers and those of your friends will give her the strength to remember she has support.