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Pushing forward but also stepping back

It's amazing how life drags us in directions we never dreamed possible. The Tonya Craft trial mesmerized me during the agonizing five weeks it lasted. Watching her try to maintain her demeanor during the intense and entirely too personal cross examination taught me about class. Praying while the verdicts were read gave me insight into her personal strength as she stood there and listened to one not guilty after another, only finally breaking down after hearing those precious words the twenty-second time. Even then, her only concern was for her children, and the others dragged into this mess.

Then reality intruded in my life. I had a manuscript through the critique process, an extremely good story about another issue in this area: teen drinking. It's very timely, as kids were finishing school and having parties to celebrate. A lot of those teens would go onto college, where binge drinking is as common as weekly tests and term reports. One only has to look at the news to see sto…