Stranger Than Fiction...Or Is It?

UPDATE: The ebook format of Passionate Hearts 2010 Anthology is now available in AllRomance PDF and Smashwords Multiformat here: Also, you can pre-order the print version at the same link!

Writing is a life fraught with many pitfalls and many days of wondering if the story produced will bear fruit with the selected publisher. One of the things a writer learns from the very first day of their career is to make sure their work will never wear the label stranger than fiction. Well, Rediscovered Trust does just that. It's a romance, one of soul mates pulled apart by circumstance and coming back together. Interwoven through this story is a tale of judicial and prosecutorial misconduct in addition to law enforcement corruption. I submitted this novella to Vanilla Hearts Publishing for their Passionate Hearts 2010 Anthology in early August, never expecting the whirlwind that would next occur. See, I've always heard from successfully published writers that the trail from acceptance to publication always takes 18-24 months.

The first indicator I was on a fast track came when only two days after the anthology submission period ended. Vanilla Hearts accepted my story for their anthology. The mood in our home that night was one of excitement, or as we called it Snoopy dancing on the roof. I knew the anthology would come out in 2010 but in no way was I prepared for the next twelve days, twelve days when I learned of a video on YouTube advertising the anthology ( and that the publisher hoped to have the ebook out by Labor Day. Labor Day, as I write this is only four days away. A surreal feeling fell over me as I found out this information. There were bookmarks to print. Thank you Office Depot in Dalton. Your quick solution to this problem took one burden off my shoulders. Then there are all the products for sale at Vanilla Hearts associated with a romance anthology. Check out this link if you're interested in owning a coffee mug, canvas bag, or t-shirt:  Just remember to take off the period at the end. Then I learn Vanilla Heart expects to have the print book out in another month. One can now imagine my sense of everything moving far too fast. So many things to do and so little time to accomplish them.

For everyone I know, the last two weeks has been spent moving at either my normal pace or watching the hours speed past at light speed. But a dream I've lived for more than ten years is about to come to fruition. While I normally work with children's fiction, mostly middle grade and young adult fiction, I also have several romance novels in various stages. So, if you want the ebook, visit this link ( ) or this link ( in the next few days for the release. If you'd like an autographed bookmark, contact me through the blog. I'll send you the bookmark as soon as possible.

This story is now going into the published world but I have not slowed in my determination to publish the many other stories cluttering my desk. And as September begins to cool into fall, and fall colors erupt on the trees, I prepare for my annual sojourn into madness. November looms, and with November comes NaNoWriMo – a thirty day quest to write a minimum of 50,000 words to complete a novel. Rediscovered Trust uses a suspense background to the romance by using fake drug trials to bring in federal money to a small Northwest Georgia county. I will stretch the bounds of stranger than fiction to pen a story reminiscent of To Kill A Mockingbird by using the rampant child molestation trials and the claimed 98% conviction rate in a tale of a teen watching her mom fight for her freedom and her life in Dogwood Winter. So, my days are now interspersed with keeping up with my friends, helping my teen traverse the first year of high school, and preparing for a novel that might very well break the 350,000 word mark – and write it in 30 days! 


Kaye said…
Congrats, KC! Glad to see all your hard work pay off. Can't wait to read some of your work!
Doc Ellis said…
So cool. Very cool.

Rand crossed my mind when I read your comments. Her fiction were all romance with philosophy and drama.

I hope you do well.
KC Sprayberry said…
Thank you. Ayn Rand isn't on my usual reading list. In fact, I thought of another Rand, one of the lead characters in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Right now, I'm just concentrating on focusing my writing and getting past this anthology release. Maybe then I'll pick up some of Rand's stuff.
April Erwin said…
Congrats, Kathi! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. I can see that I'm going to have to pick up my pace and put a WHOLE lot more work in if I want to catch up with you. :)
KC Sprayberry said…
Right. This from the woman with a book she published and promoted herself because of the small audience. But you'll love this story. I can assure you the most my novella has in it is a steamy kiss that rolls your socks up tight and knocks them to the moon.
Theresa Danley said…
Way to go, Kathi! I'm celebrating with you! Can't wait to read the story. Best wishes on all your success!
KC Sprayberry said…
Thanks, all. Flying high now. But I'm sure teen will bring me down, as he's playing sax at his first HS football game tonight.

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