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It Just Feels Good

Completing yet another NaNo, picking up yet another winner's certificate isn't just a moment taken from writing for me and never has been. No, this momentous occasion is the conclusion of yet another novel finished, another novel to go through line by line as I decide what stays and what goes. This year, I eased back from the heavy word counts of previous years and have come up with a compelling story for young adults. Underage drinking, teens being picked up for alcohol consumption or driving under the influence is on the rise. Yet, instead of seeing examples, our nation's young continue to put themselves on the fast track for disaster by testing the waters with more and more outrageous behavior. There are harsh consequences to drinking for anyone but teens face losing their dreams in addition to their lives. And the survivors have an even more harsh consequence, figuring out why they lived and someone else died. That's what Softly Say Goodbye is about. It's a lov…

A November to Remember - Part II

November tests my skills as a writer when I try to comlete a 50,000 word minimum novel during the 30 days. Sure, easy, you say. 50,000 words breaks down to 1,667 words per day. Not so easy, I say. Unless I completely plan every aspect of the story and do every bit of research I can think of for the previous eleven months, it is almost impossible.

Yet, I have found in the past I slow as I get to certain points. Yes, I have completed five previous NaNoWriMo challenges. But those completions came with exhaustion and a sense I didn't tell the story I wanted to come out. This year, I complete my story halfway into the month. It's about teen drinking and one teen's fight to make her school alcohol free. She takes a proactive stance and pays a horrible price but survives and goes on to make adult decisions when she still feels like a child. Softly  Say Goodbye shows how teens today interact with their peers by using the internet. Twitter and YouTube play a huge part of my main ch…

A November to Remember - NaNo Takes A Twist

Oh, I never saw this coming. First of all, my computer blew me a major raspberry near the end of October, the victim of a lightning strike right outside my office window. Fear and panic set in as I tried to boot up after the storm and knew, just knew, with everything deep inside me, I was sunk when it came to writing. All my precious files were on that hard drive and nothing was happening. Screaming and crying did nothing to repair the damage but my hubby, a wonderful man who is also a computer techie, came to the rescue, even going so far as to call in to work and take a day off in an effort to bring my system back up. First problem? Blown power supply, of which we only had one back up left but it was too large for my system. Well, several hours later, after he switched out his power supply and installed that one in my computer, I was back on track.

I thought.

That's when the next problem hit. This one was even worse. The boot up kept looping. Nothing either of us did stopped tha…