A November to Remember - NaNo Takes A Twist

Oh, I never saw this coming. First of all, my computer blew me a major raspberry near the end of October, the victim of a lightning strike right outside my office window. Fear and panic set in as I tried to boot up after the storm and knew, just knew, with everything deep inside me, I was sunk when it came to writing. All my precious files were on that hard drive and nothing was happening. Screaming and crying did nothing to repair the damage but my hubby, a wonderful man who is also a computer techie, came to the rescue, even going so far as to call in to work and take a day off in an effort to bring my system back up. First problem? Blown power supply, of which we only had one back up left but it was too large for my system. Well, several hours later, after he switched out his power supply and installed that one in my computer, I was back on track.

I thought.

That's when the next problem hit. This one was even worse. The boot up kept looping. Nothing either of us did stopped that darned loop. That's when I realized I might have lost more than ten years of writing files, including the e-book of my novella in  the Passionate Hearts 2010 Anthology. Tears flowed faster this time. Nothing could replace what I had forgotten to back up. Lesson learned there. Well, hubby to the rescue again. This time, he hooked my monitor to his laptop, since the monitor on that thing was failing. I was back, in a limited way. Retrieving the files proved to take another three days - and NaNo started in another three days! How would I ever get all the stuff together I needed to do my planned project, especially since I decided I needed to do more development on the outline and plot. Oh, this was not happening. This was a nightmare. Well, I had one thing right. It was a nightmare - a waking nightmare from which I thought I would never awaken. But, awaken I did and just in time to realize Dogwood Winter was not the NaNo project for 2010. However, I had another project in the wings. When don't I have a project or two or ten waiting in the wings?

Softly Say Goodbye, a project I once thought finished, needed major revisions. The story is more focused now, more about teen drinking and one seventeen-year-old girl's quest to turn her high school back into a learning environment instead of the local bar. The consequences she pays are high, higher than most teens think they can handle, but she keeps going until she accomplishes the impossible. But there is another consequence, the loss of a friend who decides to stand with the teen drinkers rather than learning to deal with her own issues. My main character comes to some difficult decisions as she prepares for graduation but nothing will ever fill the hole left in her life after losing her guy and his best bud to an accident that was no accident.

Now that I am on track for NaNo, I use the lessons I learned at the end of October so I will never find myself in this position again. First, always backup, even if it is to the protected sector on my husband's computer. Second, never depend on what I've spent almost a year planning as my NaNo project. Always have a story waiting in the wings.

To date, even with my late start, I'm at 35,000 of the 50,000 required for NaNo completion. Horray!


Doc Ellis said…
no need to post:


I have you on my follow list. This is the first time I have seen your blogspot on my dashboard alert list since I added your blogspot to my follow list. I am annoyed about missing your previous posts. Not your fault.

This is amazing. 50,000 words in thirty days? Wow. The only romance novels I read are the Rand novels (We The Living, Anthem, Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged) and the Twilight series. I guess I could look for your novels and check them out.

You can respond at docellis124@yahoo.com, docellis124@gmail.com, or not.

I will for sure check your blogspot
without relying on the dashboard alerts.

Doc Ellis 124

no need to post
KC Sprayberry said…
Thanks for the compliment, Doc. I only have one novel out; that is to say a novel but my contribution is one of 16 others. More like a novella. Passionate Hearts 2010 Anthology available through Vanilla Hearts Publishing. Links there will take you to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble for both e-book and print editions. My story is Rediscovered Trust - a story of soulmates separated and brought back together against a backdrop of judicial and prosecutorial misconduct and law enforcement corruption. Setting is a small Northwest Georgia town called Landry. Got any guesses as to what I'm referring to?

However, I am working hard on getting out a novel in my first love, young adult literature. That's my NaNo project for this year. NaNo is where millions of writers gather electronically annually during November to accomplish a novel of at least 50,000 words in 30 days. We have the other 11 months do to all our research, plotting, and outlining but that doesn't always work out. This is my sixth year doing NaNo and I hope my sixth year to gather a certificate of completion on Nov 30. Which is why I've been so quiet on Bill's blog.

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