A November to Remember - Part II

November tests my skills as a writer when I try to comlete a 50,000 word minimum novel during the 30 days. Sure, easy, you say. 50,000 words breaks down to 1,667 words per day. Not so easy, I say. Unless I completely plan every aspect of the story and do every bit of research I can think of for the previous eleven months, it is almost impossible.

Yet, I have found in the past I slow as I get to certain points. Yes, I have completed five previous NaNoWriMo challenges. But those completions came with exhaustion and a sense I didn't tell the story I wanted to come out. This year, I complete my story halfway into the month. It's about teen drinking and one teen's fight to make her school alcohol free. She takes a proactive stance and pays a horrible price but survives and goes on to make adult decisions when she still feels like a child. Softly  Say Goodbye shows how teens today interact with their peers by using the internet. Twitter and YouTube play a huge part of my main character's plans to overcome what she sees as a huge problem. And, I'm happy to say, I'm satisfied with the story I've told this time. I'm more than ready to do serious editing instead of vegging like I usually do. Erin, my main character, vitalized me into this story and I'll make sure she finds a great home.

NaNo 2010 completes for me at 51,473 words at 1050 AM on November 15.


Doc Ellis said…
I just spent an amazing amount of time checking out NaNoWriMo...The story of the outfit blows me away. I need to make up my mind to get involved in this event...as a contestant. I am for sure interested in this. I may not start this year, but I am very interested in next year.

Two of my FBf are involved in this. Your involvement catalysed my interest, and only because I read your blogspot. I only read your blogspot because you post on Bill Anderson's blog threads. I only read Bill Anderson because I read LRC. I read LRC because one of the NaNoWriMo participating FBf told me about LRC.

I need to make up my mind to get involved somehow...but I hate to write. And yet, I write, when I can overcome my antipathy toward writing. Gotta go...

Guess I'm needy, after all.
KC Sprayberry said…
All participants welcome. It's fun, crazy, and will make you totally insane. But the feeling of satisfaction when you finish is worth every minute.