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National Attention

Do we really want the world to view the South as backwards fools who let a travesty such as the Tonya Craft trial happen? I thought that having national attention would give her a fair break but now that the Today Show will begin airing tomorrow, I'm not so sure anymore. The South is anything but what the rest of the nation will see of this travesty. We are intelligent, hard working people. Most have lived here all their lives, with maybe a year or two elsewhere for schooling or military. But, far and above, Southerners love their homes and come back to them.

On the other hand, the blatant problems associated with the Craft trial have to stop. Appeals are necessary, the very first one being the judge not recusing himself after it was revealed he represented Ms. Craft's ex in their divorce proceedings. However, that leaves Ms. Craft open for another trial, another recitation of stories that change to fit the circumstances, of having her character maligned by those she once called her closest friends. I feel for her and pray nightly for a miracle to remove her from this nightmare without end.

I've heard people say things like this only happen in poorly written fiction. Here's the real story. I could write a piece of fiction with this story as the linchpin. And some editor somewhere would send it back and tell me this kind of fantasy would never sell. Fiction is real life, taken down a million notches. Will I still develop a story with the actions I've seen these last three weeks. Of course. And I hope I can make my characters as sympathetic or as appalling as what I've seen in the three ring circus still going on in Catoosa County.

The witch hunts of the eighties have returned. Unfortunately, this will only get worse before it gets better. Thanks to a watchdog like William L. Anderson the people of the Lookout Mountain Judicial District have opened their eyes and mouths. Our protests may bring some good out of all this bad. All I can do at this point is wait and see, like Ms. Craft.


The Gloves Are Off

Amazing. Just read the latest tweets from the Tonya Craft courtroom. One of her closest friends and supporters is on the stand. The Man (as self-described in one of his many interviews), prosecutor Len Gregor's attacks on the woman are amazing. It's the only word I can come up with describe this. Questions without foundation about the woman's sexual activities including Ms. Craft. Questions as to whether he considers accuser #1 a slut. Come on now, Mr. Gregor, this one of the innocent babes you are trying so hard to incarcerate Ms. Craft for molesting. You're supposed to treat this poor child with kid gloves and you dare to ask a question like that. I suppose you might actually answer this question, since you and your buddy Chris Arnt have taken to writing your version of answers on his blog. Bring it on. I can take it.

But can you live with your conscience. You made an aside after the judge overruled the defense yet again during this trial on a point of law even this civilian understands. You can't bring new information during cross-examination. Every CSI, Law and Order, Perry Mason, and any other crime show devotee knows this. But you did and your pet judge gave you permission to do that, then you had the never to tell the defense team that you knew the rules and they didn't. Obviously. There are rules for courtrooms and there are rules for Judge House's courtroom. Seems you should print up a copy and hand it out before the trial begins. That way, the defense can jump up and make their objections but already have the appeals done, just fill in the blanks of what particular point they are appealing on, and file them in the first court of appeals, but be ready to go up the line.

Now I want to know one thing. Why is our Attorney General, Thurbert E. Baker more interested in running for governor than stopping this travesty? Why are the citizens of Lookout Mountain Judicial District enduring the emotional pain of a woman denied access to her children while false accusations abound. The obvious contradictions by the prosecutions witnesses are only overshadowed by the vitruperative utterances you and your colleague bring forth in an effort to throw Ms. Craft away so she can never again sully the world in which you live. I am beginning to believe this prosecutorial zeal is nothing more than a punishment for the woman who refused to roll over and take the punishment you wanted to give her.

Have you ever thought that for just one minute of the consequences of your actions? Do you even care about the lives you are trashing with your commentary and inflammatory questions? I'm sure your boss is aware by now of the emotions running hard and fast about this trial. Is his opinion the same as yours?

I'm sure I'll have answers to those questions. But I have never before seen a case of this magnitude and with this kind of media exposure handled by anyone but the District Attorney himself. That question, I won't ask, because I'm sure the answer is, Mr. Franklin let the tag team of Arnt and Gregor run with this because they claimed they had what was necessary to take this evil woman off the streets.

News Flash: The only evil perpetrated in Catoosa County in regards to this case is in Judge House's courtroom, by the very people we depend on to protect us from criminals. Scary. I can only say again, thank you William L. Anderson for having the courage to speak up long, loud, and clear. May you be blessed forever for opening our eyes about this.


Musing on weather and more

My goodness. Power off from 12:30 last night until about 6:30 this morning. That was the result of a very violent thunderstorm which also included hail. Such a storm immediately brought the thought about how the Lord is telling us what he thinks about the Tonya Craft case. And I don't think he's very happy at the moment.

We have a good woman, a fantastic teacher, a Sunday School teacher, a woman who has taught for a good many years. Her extremely public trial has not brought any other allegations of abuse by an other supposed victims. Gee? One has to wonder about this. No one else ever victimized in more than 25 years of teaching. How strange is that. All the experts agree on one thing, an abuser is rarely caught the first time they abuse a child. Yet this one kept it up until three children, one of them an actress, reported her awful behavior.

Well, let's look at the facts a bit more.

One witness, described as describing the acts in a clear, confident voice during questioning by the prosecution, an actress. A second child, described as her mother being told Ms. Craft did not consider her mature enough for 1st grade. And a third child giving testimony in such a way Ms. Craft broke down and cried. But those tears were for the child using her first name rather than her title, Mom. How awful. This poor child has to testify against her mom, and what's worse, that's after she tells a supposedly trusted therapist that her daddy said her mommy did and so she must have.

Sad. Pathetic. Enough to bring tears to anyone's eyes. Yet the uncaring prosecution attempts to say Ms. Craft is not acting like an adult by failing to control her emotions.

Which brings me to my next point. Controlling emotions. Seems to me, from the descriptions of the trial, the parents of these alleged victims are controlling their emotions rather well. During one pre-trial hearing, one parent controlled their emotions about the supposed abuse so well, they laughed hysterically as Ms. Craft came into the courtroom wearing jailhouse orange and chains. Okay, little history here. I, too have a child who accused a trusted adult of having sexually molesting her. I have been in a courtroom with that person dressed in jail clothing. And my only emotions were relief my child would never have to worry about their abuser again. One other, sadness my child experienced this awful crime. Oh yeah. One other emotion. The deep, abiding knowledge that if I ever ran into that woman again, I would beat her into a bloody pulp.

Political correctness aside, those were my gut reactions. No one could have stopped me. Laughing hysterically? Who are they kidding? It was at that point, reading about it in the news, when I decided Tonya Craft never molested those children. But I waited to make my voice heard until I read William L. Anderson's blogs because I live in Walker County, Georgia. My home is in the same judicial district as Ms. Craft. And, to my everlasting shame, I, too, afraid of those men persecuting...excuse me...prosecuting her. All of them are well known for their shenanigans in this area and none are the least bit sorry for the lives they have destroyed.

Tomorrow starts week 3 of the trial. Most of week 2 was prosecuterial overkill, better known as trash the defendant. I suppose we must listen to more of this drivel from witnesses that 'suddenly remembered vital information' when testifying for the prosecutor or 'don't know' when answering defense questions. Again. Sad. This is just so blatant, as if these men have no fear of reprisal.

And while they are destroying a good woman, I shall immerse myself in research for my latest teen social issue book. For this trial is far too full of what is wrong with our system to let lie. Consequences for those involved in the persecution...excuse me...prosecution of Tonya Craft are nowhere as bad as what they have already put her through and plan for her future. But maybe, somehow, somewhere, a fiction book most will say can never happen in real life will get people's attention.


Real Life versus Fiction

North Georgia is experiencing what some call a rightful prosecution and others (most of the ordinary citizens) call an outright witch hunt. Some have even said one of the lead detectives in the case should write fiction rather than investigate crimes, so bad are his lies. Well, as a writer of fiction, I take offense at this comment. Fiction writers, as much as non-fiction writers, use real life when drawing up their stories. We research so much our middle names are research. Let one fact be wrong and we can find ourselves in a whole peck of trouble, the least being that no reputable publisher will look at our work.

That being said, I, for one, would never want any of the people responsible for prosecuting an innocent woman to detail their acts in a book or article. To see them chronicling their work where the world can stare in horror and thank their lucky stars they do not live near these people would sicken me beyond words. From the beginning, even before all the information came out in blogs, I never believed Tonya Craft guilty of child molestation. I am a children's writer and I in no way want to see her spend the rest of her life in prison for these supposed acts.


Tonya Craft is caught up in a good old boy network who is destroying her for nothing than good old fashioned revenge. As chronicled in William L. Anderson's blog postings since before the trial began, Ms. Craft suspected wrongdoing when her daughter visited her ex-husband and his much younger new wife. As a responsible parent, Ms. Craft took steps to ascertain this was true before making a formal accusation. Kudos to Ms. Craft. She did the right thing, perhaps the only adult involved in this scandal who has. The other players are not only guilty of criminal acts, admitted to in a court of law without fear of prosecution, they are guilty of destroying a good woman. To date, Ms. Craft has been arrested not once but twice for these charges. She has lost her job, as a kindergarten teacher, which she trained for over many years. She has lost her home because she had no job. She has lost her children; they are with the ex-husband and her daughter has not seen her mom for more than two years.

Shame on Lookout Mountain Judicial District. Shame on the judge for not recussing himself at the beginning of this farce when the defense requested he do so since he represented Ms. Craft's ex-husband in their divorce proceedings. Shame on the prosecutor for questioning Ms. Craft's sanity on his FaceBook page, and shame on all the prosecution witnesses who commented as his friends. Mostly, shame on the State of Georgia for not stopping this trial before it publicly destroyed the reputation of a good woman. Ms. Craft will never be able to hold her head up in any community where she lives after this is over. She may end up in prison for a few years but there are enough appeals to have her released sometime in the future.

What have I learned from this farce? Oh, a good young adult story. Reputations destroyed based on vindictive lies. A person literally fighting for her freedom and life. The system crashing around her and no one she once trusted supporting her. Yes, this will make a great work of fiction. Just like the trial that is costing taxpayers millions. In the end, who will pay.

Tonya Craft.

I support Tonya Craft's fight for freedom. Put the word out. Check out William L. Anderson's blog (in my blog roll) for the facts and let your voice be heard.