Fantastic April

Well a mix of fantastic and terrifying. I've always maintained I'd rather have a good, old fashioned earthquake than a tornado any day of the week. Well, April 27th sure proved that to me once and for all. It all started at 9:15 in the morning when the first warning came across and immediately changed to a watch. While I huddled on my sofa, shaking with fear, there was this horrendous THUMP on my front porch. Too scared to look, I nearly jumped out of my skin when my cell rang. Just hubby telling me about the watch. Got snippy when I told him I already knew and there was this thump on the porch but I wasn't moving until the storm ended. He laughed and said that was a good idea. Thump turned out to be nothing more than a plastic tub falling into driveway - and that's where it stayed until Friday! The rest of the day was more of the same as storm after storm pummelled us. School released at 11:30 but buses weren't running fast enough for both me and the kids. My son didn't get home until 2 hours later. By then, the first tornado had torn up Dade County and those storms were coming one upon another. Son and I shiver and shook, tried to divert ourselves but always the thunder and winds in addition to constant watches all afternoon had us on edge. Poor hubby had to work late and was driving home when the worst storm passed overhead. There we were, son and I, watching the constant weather updates on the news and catching tweets about the nasty weather, when suddenly on the weather map there were 4 - count them - 4 rotations swirling all around, one right over MY TOWN! Thankfully, the storm moved out very fast but it slammed into Ringgold 30 minutes later with an F4 tornado that could have slammed into us. We're very thankful we missed that but are sad for all those people in Ringgold.

Well, while the whole area still reeled from the destruction of those tornadoes, Friday I opened me email and discovered a message that had me screeching, singing, and dancing. My young adult mystery, FALSELY ACCUSED, was one of the winners in the Mystery Times Ten contest through Buddhapuss Ink! Oh, yeah, I have a second anthology coming out in May or June. Definitely a great way to end one of the weirdest months I've ever had. To make everything even better, DILEMMA, a middle grade short story about a tween who loves veggies on her hot dogs, will appear on in June.

Not to sit on my laurels, I'm currently over my head with several short projects for contests and finishing up a couple of books with final edits. These sales make numbers 4 and 5 for the year in only four months. Really have to work hard now to keep up this pace.


Doc Ellis said…

Congratulations on your Falsely Accused work winning on the contest.

I hope this makes money for you.

Doc Ellis 124