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A Year to Remember - And It's Not Over Yet!

All writers expect a good year when January rolls around and mine started with a bang. Frontier Tales posted my story, Desert Rose - Bounty Hunter, on their website on the first. That not only astonished me but when February rolled around, I found out the readers had voted it Best Loved. Other writer friends began predicting this was my year. They weren't wrong.

March brought a second story accepted at Frontier Tales, Jackie Ryan - US Marshal, wasn't selected Best Loved but was a good tale of two brothers, twins, who were as different as night and day in their callings. Or, as Jackie would say, Dwyer chose to wear dresses!

April and most of May passed without much in the way of acceptances. Then near the end of May, Paula Freda at The Pink Chameleon let me know my middle grade story, Dilemma, would be featured for the next year on her site. Things were improving. I now had three acceptances in a year, more than ever before. I began to believe this was my year. But I had to yet…